Download Epub Format é Madeleine L'Engle: Author of a Wrinkle in Time PDF by é Doreen Gonzales

Download Epub Format é Madeleine L'Engle: Author of a Wrinkle in Time PDF by é Doreen Gonzales Gonzales Addresses Her Audience In A Style And Tone That Are Easily Accessible And Clearly Up To The Job Of Presenting A Well Known Author Who Has Some Fairly Complex Philosophical Ideas And An Unusual, Although Not Iconoclastic, Lifestyle L Engle Comes Across As A Woman With An Abiding Commitment To Her Family As Well As A Lifelong Lust For Learning And The Spiritual Aspects Of Existence There Are A Couple Of Awkward Phrasings And A Few Places Where Unexplained Questions Persist Some Of The Book S Success Is Due To The Author S Direct Contact With Her Subject Gonzales Has Obviously Interviewed Her Extensively The Bibliography Is Modest Enough To Entice Rather Than Threaten Reluctant Younger Readers And Yet Comprehensive Enough To Suggest To Scholarly Readers That Gonzales Has Done Her Homework While She Is Admiring And Discreet, She Has Not Sheltered Or Distorted The Facts Even L Engle S Irritability In The Morning Hours Comes Through The One Shortfall Of The Book Is The Poor Quality Of Some Of The Black And White Photographs Still, Their Informality And Their Unique, If Somewhat Second Rate Photographic Technique, Give A Sense Of History To One Of The Great Women In Children S Literature Ruth K MacDonald, Purdue University Calumet, Hammond, IN first in series of books about the Murry and O Keefe families Science Fiction Newbery Medal Nothing like reading this for a homework assignment at the eleventh hour literally to solidify my appreciation for one of the greatest and oddest authors who ever lived.
This book was a fun children s science fiction book I recommend it for all ages In many ways I wish I would ve read this biography before reading her novel, A Wrinkle in Time I think I would have enjoyed the book evenI like the idea of understanding the author s personality and story in getting their story on to paper Was impressed with her perseverance and her viewpoint on children and how their imagination doesn t block out options like adults do.

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