Read  The Echoed Life of Jorja Graham by Brynn Myers ✓

 Read  The Echoed Life of Jorja Graham by Brynn Myers ✓ Such a detailed, indepth world.
I loved the journey and final conclusion to Jorja's story.
The mythology and magic weaved throughout this book is intoxicating! Brynn's writing in flawless! 5 well deserved stars! I had the pleasure of reading this book early and I have to tell you that it was awesome.

In this the 2.
0 lol half of Jorja's life there is a lot more magic and mystery as to what and who Jorja will become when she makes her way back to a life she thought she lost.

I love the way Jorja was able to come back slowly to be with her best friend and the man/demon she loves.
But the fight is not over for them .
They still have to go through HELL to get a happy ending .

I want to say more but I am afraid of giving the story away.
This book was the perfect end to Jorja's story.
You do have to read book 1 The Life and Death of Jorja Graham.
In order to understand this book .

I really did love this series and wish it did not have to end but it was a wonderful ending so pick up these books you wont regret it .

First, it must be said that if you do not read the first book before reading this one you will be missing a huge part of the world and the story.

I had the privilege of having this amazing story in my hands and I was beyond excited to see what happens after a HUGE twist in book 1! Echo picks up right where book 1 leaves off and we get to see the conclusion of Jorga's life altering path.

I felt like Brynn Myers did an amazing job in letting us feel like we were walking right by Jorga and her friends on their journey.
I felt every feeling and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the end.

Echo is filled with love, mystery, magick, and a journey through an evolution of self that will leave you SATISFIED!!! Brynn Myers has written a story in which the reader truly and sincerely wants everything to work out for the best.
While I was reading The Echoed Life of Jorja Graham, I found myself internally threatening Ms.
Myers if things didn’t work out for Jorja and Corbin.

At the end of the first book, The Life and Death of Jorja Graham, I was crushed.
I could not believe this author would do me like that! It was one of those books that I thought about for WEEKS (months) after I finished it.
I’m not sure exactly what it was about that book, but I just couldn’t get it out of my head.
There were so many unanswered questions for me.
But I loved every minute of it, well, not really.
I rather hated the ending, but it was more of an “in my own selfish way” kind of hatred.

Everything makes sens This was a good wrap up to the story.
but I didn't love it like the first.

The Good
Lucas & Cat
Who Jorja turned out to be
HEA for everyone at the end

The OK
The glossed over fight in the Underworld
Lucas backstory and closure
Jorja's aunts are no where in the second book

The Disappointment
Jorja's backstory and the fact that Eudora was not suffering.

There was no badassery from Corbin.
I wanted him to go all psycho demon.
on someone.
But we got nothing but poetic love from him.

It all felt anticlimactic.
The scene with Lura.
The backstory of Jorja.
The closure for Lucas.
The battle.
Perfect!! I loved this series so hard! This was the perfect conclusion to one of my favorite paranormals.
If you loved book one, The Life and Death of Jorja Graham, you'll love this one even more! The author not only surpassed my expectations, she broadened the playing field and deepened my love for these unforgettable characters.
Just when you think it can't get any better it does! I love that about this story.
It's unpredictable and complex, yet cozy and it feels like home.
in a magical kind of way.
I enjoyed this book from cover to cover, relinquishing in the deliciousness that is Corbin and Jorja.
I think I may be in love with Ms.
Jorja Graham.
She's my hero.

First, you must read these in order.
It won't make any sense without The Life and Death of Jorja Graham.

This book was very action packed, which I liked, but it is very different from the first book.
I love all the characters and it was fun seeing them grow.
We also got much more backstory in this book.
It is a very well written sequel that does what you want in a sequel.
It ties up all the loose ends nicely.
I really enjoyed it.
The Jorja Graham Duology — BOOK REVIEW.
I thoroughly enjoyed both of the books in the Jorja Graham series.
This paranormal romance duology features a strong central female character, Jorja Graham, and an equally strong protagonistic love interest in Corbin, a rich and mysterious character who enters Jorja’s life at a tumultuous time.
Corbin turns out to be a demon; yeah, you read that right.
But, he’s not evil, let me set your mind at ease about that.
He falls for Jorja (and she for him) in a big way.
But, his brother has other evil plans that threaten Jorja and Corbin’s happiness — in fact, the happiness and very existence of the world.
Jorja and Corbin and their friends must thwart Corbin’s evil brother’s plans and save the world.
I’m not sure if it’s a spoi Book #2 In The Jorja Graham Duology.

Two books, Two Lives, One Destiny.

"Follow My Echo And I Will Lead You To The Still Point At The Center Of It All.
" ~ Jorja I was given an ARC book for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book.


This book was wonderful! It held my attention just as much as the first book did.
I absolutely enjoyed this book.
I was unable to put it down.
I love books that capture you from the first page to the last and this book did just that.

Jorja is patiently waiting to be reinserted into life.
She died, but was told by Astra that she would get another chance to live again and to find Corbin, the man that she is to be with.
Jorja is given a second chance.
When she finds her way back to Savannah, she doesn't realize how much has happened in the short time that she has been gone.
Corbin's brother is waging war in the underworld.
With Corbin, Lucas, and Cat in danger it is up to Jorja to assist in an

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