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[ Read Online Entasy ì canon PDF ] by Brynn Myers õ Kylah Keenen’s Life Is Finally Back On Track.
It’s Been Five Long Years Since Her Parents’ Death And She’s Doing Well––finally.
She’s A Costume Designer For A Broadway Show In New York And Part Owner In Keenen’s Irish Pub With Her Brothers And Sister-in-law.
Everything Is Perfect .
Or So She Thinks.

It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before Odd Things Start Happening Around Her, Forcing Kylah To Confront Her Past In Order To Save Her Future.

Destined To Become A Warrior Of The Nine–a Unique Band Of Celtic Fighters Chosen For Their Individual Talents And Supernatural Skills, Kylah Has To Reconcile Her Lost Memories When The Brave Band Is Put To The Test By The Leader Of The Sluagh.
War Wages And Both Sides Will Stop At Nothing To Exact Their Vengeance, Especially When They Realize Kylah Is At The Center Of It All.
Let me start by saying when I finished this book, I sat there in stunned silence, running on a serious book high.
Its not often I'm left speechless and the only coherent thought and sentence I could form was "HOLY S**T!!!"

Lets do this review a little different shall we?

Fast PacedCHECK! I felt like I flew through the pages of this novella.

Enticing and AlluringCHECK! I was on the edge of my seat through every page.

Great World BuildingCHECK! Brynn must have a vault of ideas for this world in her head and she put in on the page beautifully.
I felt I was able to dive right into it no problem.

Character DevelopmentCHECK!!! I couldn't help but feel with these characters through every thing they went through.
Yes we met a lot of characters BUT I didn't feel lost and I felt I got just e I had the pleasure of reading this as a beta reader and I can honestly say, I'm so intrigued by this story and all its characters, that it's put a delay in my own writing.
I've gotten so wrapped up in Brynn's world and the potential for the next book in the series, I seriously can't focus.

This novella is the prequel to the series that will feature the warriors of The Nine, and if you guys have visited Brynn's website, then you'll know that these warriors are indeed badass!! I can't wait to meet them all!!!

Entasy is focused around Kylah and who she thinks she is.
who she really is.
and the journey to get back to the life she was forced to forget.
I LOVE Kylah.
She's funny, full of life, and once she faces her past and embraces her destiny, I think she's going to be a force to be reckoned

just wow.
Where to even begin? I was lucky enough to read the ARC copy of this book and I am so beyond elated that I can barely contain it.
This has got to be one of the most promising starts to a UF series in a very long time!!

Now let me harness all of my squeeing energy into a coherent review, or at least try.
If I start overabusing the exclamation marks then you've been warned (and cut a girl some slack.

This is a very quick paced novella about Kylah Keenan, who's secretly granddaughter to two major Celtic goddesses, Morrigan and Brighid.
She isn't aware of her true status because of a spell cast by her own grandmothers to protect her from her memories, memories of a tragedy that h Absolutely amazing novella!! I waited a long time to read Entasy and can truly say Brynn Myers draws you in with a stunning front cover, colorful characters and a breathtaking "Gasp!" at the end! Bring on more Prophecies!!

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